Ukrainian Swimming Federation

Ukrainian Swimming Federation (USF) – All-Ukrainian public organization that was created to further the development of swimming in the country, ISAF people stay afloat, a healthy lifestyle.

Swimming Federation Ukraine was established February 3, 1990 at the Republican conference during Ukraine Championship winter swimming. Since 1992, she – a full member of the European and the International Swimming Federation. The central focus of Swimming Federation
Ukraine is located in Kiev.

FPA recognizes the Olympic Charter, the Charter International (FINA) and European (LEN) swimming federations, working closely with the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Become a member of the USF can each citizen of Ukraine, or sports team. You must apply to the regional center of the FPA. Members of the organization can participate in sports and activities organized by Federation of Ukraine swimming, and count on the support of the USF in the field of sports.

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